Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide ci/cd for laravel app ?

Yes, I do but i need to talk with developer first, to get the code flow.

Not only limited to laravel app, i can do ci/cd for MEAN, MERN, .Net, JSP, Rails, PHP, and many more.

If you need any ci/cd for your architecture contact me to get more info.

Do you have any experiences with k8s, docker, jenkins or any cloud providers?

Yes, Azure, AWS, GCP, i do have experience with all of these cloud providers, feel free to ping me.

How can we contact you ?

Please refer to contact me section from the navigation menu, I will try to be responsible ASAP.

You can try my social medias too.


Can you do penetration testing for websites/webapp?​

Yes, I do. But you’ll need to specify the target that needs to be tested including.

  • IP Address of target / target details.
After testing a site what we'll get ?

After completion of your site security audit you’ll get the following report.

  • Recommendation for improving overall security in your site.
  • Fixes for your founded vulnerabilities, do note that fixes report can cost extra money. (Fixes Report Is Optional) If you want it or not it's upto you.
  • Guidelines on how to ?
  • Audit Report PDF
Can you develop wordpress site ?

Yes, Includes following categories.

  • News Portal
  • Blog Portal
  • E-Commerce
  • School/Government Websites.
Does WordPress Needs Security, Is it vulnerable ?

Yes and No. Depends on how much plugins are installed and is it trust worthy? Any Null Themes/Plugins then it can be vulnerable even if you do have an own plugins/theme it can be vulnerable. But with correct guildelines and security audit vulnerabilities can be prevented in that case No.

Can you do penetration testing/security audit for wordpress site and for non wordpress sites?

Yes I do. It doesn’t matter what your site is based on. I can do security audit for anything which needs internet connection to operate and hosted on server not only limited to sites.

What are the payment methods, how can i pay from foreign countries?

If you’re from Nepal then I have following options.

  • e-Sewa
  • Bank Transfer

But if you’re not from nepal then you have to hire me on freelancer or you can

  • Bank Transfer / IME
  • You can hire me on upwork, if you're unable to follow previous stages.