Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide ci/cd for web applications ?

Yes, I do but i need to talk with developer first, to get the code flow.

I can do ci/cd for MEAN, MERN, .Net, JSP, Rails, PHP, and many more.

If you need any ci/cd for your architecture/micro services contact me to get more info.

Do you have any experiences with k8s, docker, jenkins or any cloud providers ?

Yes, Azure, AWS, GCP, i do have experience with all of these cloud providers, feel free to ping me.

What are the payment methods, how can i pay from foreign countries ?

If you’re from Nepal then I have following options.

  • e-Sewa
  • Bank Transfer

But if you’re not from nepal then you have to hire me on freelancer or you can

  • Bank Transfer / IME
  • You can hire me on upwork, if you're unable to follow previous stages.
If we hire you can we get the both services devops/devsecops with same remuneration ?

The question is like, can we get another item if we buy one. No, it's not an lucky draw or an offer thank you. But if you can adjust my remuneration then that will be a sure deal.

What's the most irritating thing, you've faced in your field?

Well, there's not much but one thing that irritates me most is when the HR demands the whole IT Industry!!!

Literally, i've faced this nonsense all over my facebook wall all the time.

How can we contact you ?

Please refer to contact me section from the navigation menu, I will try to be responsible ASAP.

You can try my social medias too.